Thursday, September 20, 2012

Uncorking a Story

Today I'd like to shamelessly plug my friend Michael Carlon's podcast, Uncorking a Story. Mike is a market research moderator and head of Vertigo Partners. Mike is also a kindred spirit in that we both have an affinity for pop culture and far too much trivia and useless knowledge in our heads.

They say "In vino veritas." (A Latin phrase that translates, “in wine [there is the] truth".) That certainly rings true here. What's great about this podcast is that Mike and his guest will discuss the topic of the day over a glass or two of wine. When I think back to some of the great conversations I've had, I remember more than a few involving a bottle of wine. Even over your laptop speakers, you'll get a relaxed and honest vibe, as if you have pulled up a chair and poured yourself a glass.

Here is what Uncorking a Story is all about, in Mr. Carlon's own words.

Listen up as professional moderator Michael Carlon talks to guests from the worlds of business, the arts, and entertainment about their paths to success; usually over a bottle of something red or white. There is no script so you never know where each conversation will go. Laugh along with Mike and his guests.

You can check out the podcast here. (

I suggest uncorking your own bottle of wine while you listen. For the full effect.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talk Like Pirate Day

Every year on this day we celebrate one of the first Internet bred holidays, Talk Like Pirate Day. To that I say, "We are Family."

Ahoy Mateys, let's give it up for the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates.  Aaarrrgh!!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rackspace’s Rob La Gesse on how to inspire word of mouth with customer service

Here's a great video that is right in line with the concepts we talk about in The Purple Goldfish Project. I found it over at, which is a treasure trove of information and tips for great customer service, marketing and social media.

The video was from their Word of Mouth Crash Course conference in May. In it Rob covers:
  • How to create memorable experiences by personally getting to know customers.
  • How to humanize customers and make them your friends.
  • How to get employees and executives on board with great customer service.