Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Coolest Job in the World

I love when people ask me about where I work. I tell them I have the coolest job in the world. That usually gets their attention. I explain it as simply as I can.

My company, LocalLive, produces high school sports, performing arts and other school events. We stream them online live and record them so they're available to watch later on-demand. This allows parents, students, alumni and others to watch games anytime and from anywhere. They don’t have to miss an event, even if they’re working or traveling.

That’s pretty neat, right? They agree, but they’re not yet convinced it’s the coolest job in the world.

Okay, let me tell you how we do it. We install specialized remote control cameras at the fields, gyms, theaters and auditoriums. It just got a little more interesting, didn’t it?

Here’s the really cool part. We hire and train local students as Game Producers to provide camera work remotely. They follow the action using gaming controllers while watching on monitors in our office or other locations. They can actually cover a game from anywhere, like from home or an office at the school.

“Really????” That is amazing.” That’s usually the kind of thing I hear. Then it hits them. 

“Wait a minute. You mean that my kid could get paid to use an Xbox controller? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Yes, it’s true. That day has actually come. All those years of video games are finally paying off.

It turns out, kids are so good with these devices that controlling cameras with one is second nature to them. Not only that, but this allows us to provide jobs and valuable digital video experience to these students while they do something that they are truly passionate about.

It’s a very efficient methodology. It eliminates the need to send a video crew to cover every event and it takes travel, weather and other logistical problems out of the equation. It’s easier and cost effective for the schools. Now they can afford to cover all of their games instead of just offering a select few due to budget constraints. It’s high quality and high volume, but not a high price. 

We’ve essentially crowd-sourced video production, working smarter and more efficiently with a remote workforce. Kind of like what Uber did for cab rides.

Now I’ve got them. “Wow. That IS the coolest job in the world.”

But then they will point out that while the Game Producer is indeed a very cool position, it’s not my job, I do marketing. 

They’ll say, “I thought you said YOU had the coolest job in the world.”

True, but I get to come in everyday and see these impressive young people work their magic. Better still, I get to speak with the schools, parents, alumni and other viewers who tell me how much being able to watch and share these moments mean to them. It’s really quite amazing.

If that’s not the coolest job in the world, it’s close enough for me.

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