Friday, April 12, 2013

You May Ship Your Pants After Seeing This

I discovered this video thanks to a couple of different people posting it on Facebook. I don't know if I will ever need to ship my pants, or anything else from K-Mart, but now I know I have the option. More important, here I am sharing their commercial on my blog. I am sure there are a few people who might, that will end up seeing this because it has been shared on one of their social media accounts. 

So I may not end up as a converted lead for K-Mart, but I sure did enjoy their video and I couldn't wait to share it.  The funny thing is, there is not a K-Mart near me, so I would not consider myself a customer or fan of the brand, yet here I am celebrating one of their commercials. I am telling you, this social media stuff works.

And now that I know I can ship, maybe I will be more likely to take a look at their web site next time I am shopping for something they sell. 

Come to think of it, I do need a new pair of jeans. Perhaps this is a chance for me to ship my pants.