Monday, January 30, 2012

Thriller as performed by IDT: Integrated DNA Technologies

Here's a company that gets it. Fun must be in their DNA.

IDT (Integrated DNA Technologies ) has a tradition to create a short film for their company's annual holiday party. This year they created their version of the famous "Thriller" video by Michael Jackson.

This is so great. You can't... Beat It.

Talk about a "viral" video. Humorous content like this really humanizes the corporation... well, maybe "zombifies" is a better word. You know what I mean.

As a social media guy, I tip my cap. And I do that Thriller hand swing thing too. It's this kind of "surprise and delight" strategy that gets people talking.

One of the great things about the new landscape of social media marketing is that companies can now use unconventional ways to reach people. Let's face it, DNA is an industry that many people don't think about a lot, unless they are in it. But you just watched that video and now you know who they are. And what's likely to happen in most cases? You'll share the link with a few of your friends. Maybe because they are in the industry or maybe because they love Thriller.

It also says something about IDT as an employer. If I am a looking for a company to call home, I certainly would be attracted to a place with a vibe like this.

Great job IDT. I can't wait to see next years number. I wonder what you could do with Lady Gaga.

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